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Fascinating Skin Facts!!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

  1. You skin sheds tens of thousands of cells every minute. In fact, roughly fifty perfect of house dust is made up of dead skin cells.

  2. Sleep is your skin’s most undervalued skincare secret. Sleep is the time when your skin repairs itself, producing an essential collagen that gives your skin its elasticity and strength. Without this regeneration period (lack of sleep), your skin instead produces cortisol which increases inflammation, giving the skin a puffy, pale and droopy appearance.

  3. Dry air has a tremendous effect on our skin. When humidity is low, moisture levels on the outer most layers of skin dry out resulting in roughness, flaking and even cracking. Irritated dry skin is often itchy and uncomfortable. When this protective layer cracks and becomes damaged, it leaves the rest of your body susceptible to infection and illness. This is why it is critical to keep your indoor air properly humidified throughout the winter months when winter air and heating systems dry out indoor air. It is important to know that not all humidifiers are good options however. Some can produce too much moisture, causing more harm than good. Venta Airwashers never over-humidify, offering the perfect, optimal amount of moisture without a swampy feeling. This is why they are considered the best humidifier for dry skin.

  4. Smokers notice their skin looks prematurely aged because smoking decreases the blood supply that keeps skin looking healthy and supple. This accelerates the aging process and results in wrinkles. Smoking also deprives your skin of necessary nutrients it needs to be strong and elastic. This results in a droopy appearance and an uneven skin tone.

  5. Regular physical activity is a well-known health benefit, but can actually directly affect your skin’s health too. Exercise helps increase toxin removal in your skin, boosts collagen production and decreases wrinkles.

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